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September 2014

kaulitznews asked

hey i just wanna ask you sth... ive become a big sherlock fan and i just watched the first episode of the first serie... and before that ive seen a clip on youtube where sherlock is drunk (or just acts like hes drunk) to get into the cab.... but i missed this scene in the episode i watched (lady in pink)! Is there something wrong with the webside i watched it on or do you have an other explenation?lg nika

The clip you watched on youtube was from the unaired pilot, not the actual episode, which was a remake of the pilot

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September 2014
August 2014
August 2014

what episode should i gif?

August 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very happy to introduce Molly Hooper’s and Greg Lestrade’s daughter. She’s Hamish’s best friend since kindergarten. 
Extremely talented with computers, Hamish only wanted her help to steal Will’s prisons plans when he planned to free his brother from prison. Unfortunately, to Hamish’s despair, she decided to go with him because Hamish and her always have done everything together. In addition, she has a secret crush on Will and desperately wants to help him, no matter the cost.